Zenshin Art

"It's about the journey, not the destination"

Artist- Kawaii Suga

There aren't a lot artists that draw Shibari. So when I do find one, I am so happy and can't wait to share their work with all those that will listen. I am secretly counting the days until our kids get older, move out and we can start putting up our photography and works by artists like Kawaii Suga.

"To disapear in thin air" by Kawaii Suga

"To disapear in thin air" by Kawaii Suga

Suga is a artist residing in the Southside of Chicago. Growing up she spent much of her time reading comic's and playing video games. Her art style is influenced by manga/comic book art.

Manifesting themselves In a world of their own, Her characters each have their own personal stories that stem from a simple phrase in a song the artist is enjoying. Adorned with exotic flowers & Shibari, Suga's characters fall in the borderline of vulnerability & strength. Tied up in rope due to their own self constraints & anxiety; but also because they feel a sensation of freedom and independence from it.

The themes in her work are meant to make the viewer uncomfortable, while drawing them in at the same time.

So if you are turned by images of beautiful women tied up in erotic scenarios, then check out her website, kawaiisuga.com, and buy some of her really great art.